This is head start

These are the faces of our team.

Frank Hammond (Unplug 2019)

Frank Hammond (Unplug 2019)

Frank Hammond (Producer, Director, DOP)

Frank Hammond our lead director and CEO. After college where he got this A Level Media and Theatre, Frank immediately dived into the world of film.

Frank has helped to produce and direct several shorts, directed and produced his own short films and is also a part time production runner with lots of on set experience.

Frank wants to be able to help people get their dream films made without having to bust the bank. He wants to help students, beginner actors and film-makers.

Mainly a freelancer, Frank production runs on sets all the time, gaining as much experience as possible. From this experience in 2018 he launched Head Start Productions. Initially just doing headshot photography for students, it branched into creating short films, commercials, music videos and many more.

Liv Mason (Unplug 2019)

Liv Mason (Unplug 2019)

Liv Mason (Production Designer)

The master of props, art and everything creative; Liv Mason. With an acute eye to detail and an annoyingly perfectionist nature, Liv's artistic touch to all of Head Start Productions' projects is what makes our films so beautiful.
After doing art all the way through her education, Liv used her knowledge from college to move into art direction in the world of film. Her speciality is managing to come under budget every time, no matter how small the budget. 

Whether it be putting up curtains, setting a table where everything is just right or creating props from scratch, Liv is the art director you need.